Piano Keys


Offered Online.  

Description: Piano lessons are offered to students age 7 to 107! We will work together to learn the fundamentals of piano technique and play music you love.
(Voice Students: You also need a basic understanding of how to play the piano!)



Offered Online.  
Description: Voice lessons are offered for students age 10 and older. Together, we will work on developing your voice in a healthy and natural way. We work with singers of all levels in genres ranging from Musical Theatre to Classical to Jazz! Singing lessons are a great fit for anyone looking to develop their singing voice, overcome shyness, refine their vocal technique or simply love music and want to sing as a form of self expression.



Offered Online. 
Description: If you are taking a music theory class and need some extra help or if you prefer to learn theory in a one-on-one environment, theory lessons are for you. We will break down the often overwhelming world of music theory and make sure you have a solid foundation of the basics.

Lessons plans will be created for the individual student needs, but topics may include:

  • Note Reading/Understanding Scales

  • Rhythm

  • Dynamics

  • Chord Construction and Analysis

  • and more! 

On Stage


Description: Have an audition coming up? Need help finding a selection or want some feedback on your current selection but need only a lesson or two or prepare? Come sing and we will get your audition piece performance ready!